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Copier, Fax, Lamination Services

New Services Available at Library

Thanks to an anonymous donation from a local couple’s estate, we have upgraded our technical capabilities and can offer even more services to the community.   Thank you!

Public-use copy machine has returned

The staff has a new copier so our other one has been moved out for the public to use themselves, rather than waiting for staff to help them.   It is for black-and-white copies, at 10 cents per copy.

Color Copies

We can help you make slick color copies on our new copier!  This option is more expensive, so we will charge 25 cents per page up to 10 copies, and 50 cents per page for each copy after that. (For large color jobs it might be best to use a printer such as Best Press in Woodville).


We have a scanner set up for the public to use, which can scan your documents and e-mail them or save them to a portable drive, useful for attaching resumes to online applications, sending documentation to agencies, etc.


We can send a fax of up to ten pages per phone number for you for $2.50, 25 cents per page after that.

We also have lamination services available for covering temporary license plates, health insurance cards, etc.     We charge $2.00 for laminating license plates and $ .50 for the smaller items.